Welcome dear visitor and minimal music addict,

Herre Jorna is a music producer from the Netherlands, a dedicated rhythmic
alchemist of minimalistic, hypnotic twisted techno and clicky atmospheres.
Arising from odd glitchy analog retro old-school circuit-bent beatboxes and
computer generated sequences. An attempt to classify this music might be
Click-music, Microsound, IDM, Glitch or Minimal, but ultimately it appears
that it's a very own unique style, which cannot be classified in a fixed format.
Just enjoy this music as it is and listen to it with a lovely smile on your face.
This music sounds best on your headphone for maximal psychic stimulation.
All music here can be downloaded free of charge and may freely distributed.
Any feedback, support or comment is welcome and very much appreciated.
I hope this music will give your life a nice glitch. Please let me know if it did.

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